Monday, June 17, 2013

mostly Paleo Chocolate Cake with Strawberries and Cream Cheese

For my Grandma's birthday this weekend we decided to have a bbq at our place (mostly so the dogs could run around the backyard and not be in everyone's way) and generally mom takes care of the purchase of the cake. This year however, with us going Paleo, and my younger sister figuring out she has a gluten intolerance, I asked to make the cake.
The end result was a creation that was mostly paleo, and 100% gluten free.
 I started off by making a chocolate cake from one of our Paleo cookbooks.
 Then I whipped up some cream cheese with a bit of coconut sugar (my goal was to not have it too sweet and maintain the natural cream cheese flavor).
 Then I started cutting strawberries. Most of them I hollowed out so that I could fill them with melted chocolate and my cream cheese mixture. I also sliced a few for inbetween
  As the cakes were cooling out of the oven I started on my melted chocolate.. it was supposed to be a ganauche... but ended up being just hardened chocolate. Oh well.
  One cake on the bottom (top down so I had a flat surface to work on). Spread cream cheese mixture and top with the slice strawberries. Place on second cake. Drizzle over chocolate until just starting to spill over the sides.

 Using the remaining cream cheese I piped them into the hollowed out strawberries and then drizzled chocolate over top of those and voila!
 A cake I was proud to serve to my grandmother.