Sunday, March 13, 2016

Easter Photo and outfit

So, been a bit bored with my new change of pace.. so Baby E has been starring in my learning newborn photography.
 I also decided to make a super cute rabbit outfit for her first Easter photos.
 To make the ears I crocheted around a bent pipecleaner, and the attached them to a band that went most of the way around her head. I luckily had a pink ribbon laying around to use to secure the band around her head.
 For the diaper cover, I used one of her existing diapers as a template as to how big to make it, and where to put the leg holes. I made it using a double crochet, so was able to use buttons to secure through one of the natural holes that were created. The tail was just a basic pom pom that I secured to the back of the diaper cover.
 I also decided after taking this round of photos to make some prop carrots, so those will be incorporated when we re-do this shoot later this week!