Friday, September 30, 2016

6 month catch up!

Even though I haven't posted much (anything!) in the past 6 months, I've done a pretty good job of keeping busy at my crafts!
 Here's a run down of some of my favorites, as well as something I'm currently working on!
Crochet Mermaid Costume.

 This I completely made up one day sitting on the couch watching tv / my baby nap. I measured general lengths (waist circumference, and waste to toe length) for the tail, and chest circumference for the top, and then just winged it! Of course, we then needed to have an impromptu photo shoot to justify making the outfit in April, rather than a costume for Halloween...

Weasley Christmas Sweater

This one I followed directions for. and I'm happy to say that I finally finished my first knitted sweater!
Link here

Reading Tipi

Here's another one that I winged. I bought 6ft lengths of dowel, measured how long I wanted the edges, and cut the fabric accordingly. To make sure that it didn't fall down when being grabbed / pulled on, I sewed pockets for each of the dowels to keep them secure. *Missing from this photo: lamb skin rug, big comfy pillows

Quiddich Robes

I was very excited to take little E this year to our hometown comic expo. Even more exciting, we lucked out and were able to get photos with Tom Felton (aka. Draco Malfoy), so naturally I had to dress her up! These quiddich robes were made by making a loose pattern for the top based off one of her sweaters, and then just adding on the desired length. Just for fun, I made up my own quiddich team, and painted on a crest. The smudges were from her trying to help me out.

Hogwarts Mural

Finally we're starting to get some color into little E's room! We also finally got her a bed, and some other room type things, but the stark white that we originally painted was starting to weigh on me. So! I convinced my husband that I needed to paint a full wall length mural to help break things up! The wall I'm painting it on is roughly 2.3 feet wide, and 8 feet high.
More to report on this as the weekend goes on, but so far I'm digging it!